We have a whole host of activities on-site to keep your groups entertained. Archery is led by our volunteer instructors, self-led activities can be booked via the office and the free activities are available when you arrive.

Archery (Instructor-led)

We offer archery sessions for small groups with trained instructors, holding the minimum qualification of Archery GB.

To book Archery at Herons Wey please give as much notice as possible (preferably at least 6 weeks).

Maximum 8 people per hour, 12 people in 90 minutes

1 hour: £40.00

90 minutes: £60.00

2 hours: £80.00

3 hours: £100.00

Self-led activities

All of these activities can be added to your visit at the time of booking or when you have planned your programme.  We recommend booking in busy periods to avoid disappointment. Hourly booking slots are available starting on the hour.

As these activities are self-led, please read the user instructions and risk assessment for each activity your group participates in.

Go Wild!

£35.00 per hour 

An exciting activity comprising a rope bridge, bosun’s chair and zip wire. This activity is very popular so we recommend booking in advance.

We recommend: 12 people per hour

Pedal Karts (up to age 10)

£15.00 per hour
We have 4 pedal karts which can be used on the track near Pyne Hut.  They are suitable for children up to 10 years old.

We recommend: 12 people per hour

Bat Box

£5.00 for 3 hours
A box of activities about detection and recognition of bats.  Included 4 sensitive detection devices which can be tuned to the frequency of different bats species.  Great for an evening visit with your unit or during a camp.

Whittling Box

£15.00 for 3 hours
Our new whittling box contains fixed blade whittling knives and gloves suitable for young participants.  There are a selection of useful books and examples.  Wooden blocks are not provided, we recommend green hazel or bought bass wood blocks for novices.

Pond dipping

£5 per hour
Take a look at the hidden depths of our pond. We have trays, nets, magnifiers and lots of info to help identify what you have found.

Grass Sledges

Grass Sledges

£15.00 per hour

Suitable for all ages, our grass sledges speed down the specially built slope near Weyside. Popular throughout the year, we recommend booking in advance to get the time slot you want.

We recommend: 12 people per hour

Traversing Boulder

£15.00 per hour
Test your balance and grip on our traversing boulder.  Up to six people can use it together and it is great for playing games to challenge yourself.

We recommend: 12 people per hour


£20.00 per 2 hour session

Geocaching is best described as a treasure hunt using modern technology and geocaching at Herons Wey is a taster for the real thing. The caches have been set by a local Guide unit and are easy to find using our GPS units that are available to hire. Once you have tried our private caches, why not venture out on a hike and find some real ones. It is a worldwide treasure hunt.

Seasonal RSPB Boxes

£5.00 per 3 hour session

Whether you visit in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, there is a great set nature related activities for your group to try.  There is also now a Herons Wey badge for each season – why not collect them all?

Zip Wire

Zip Wire

£25.00 Per Hour

Add a bit of excitement to your stay at Herons Wey by zipping down the zipwire located on South Field.

We recommend: 12 people per hour

Mini-pioneering & gadget making

£15.00 for 3 hours
A brilliant resource for traditional camps and evening visits. Pre-cut lengths of hazel, string and mallets ready for imaginative constructions.

We recommend: 12 – 18 people per session

Sports Equipment

£2.50 per hour
We have sports equipment and games available including: Large Hoops / Frisbees/ Quoits / Table Tennis / Rounders equipment / Grass skis / Stilts / Boules / Large garden games (Jenga etc.) and a cricket set.



£15.00 for 2 hours
We have 3 new orienteering trails set our around the site.  Details can be found in the Activity store.

We recommend: 18 people per session

Free activities

There is plenty to keep groups entertained at Herons Wey.  Below you will find free activities to keep you busy.

Fitness Trail

Test your balance and strength with five challenges of the fitness trail located around the bottom woods.

Nature Trail

Ideal for visitors to Weyside, the nature trail is a circular route from the Weyside pond and around South field.  A map is available in the resources.

The Fairy Glade

There are lot of fairies hidden in the woods can you find their doors?  Use the story stones to create your own stories, build a den or find the fairies.

Main Campfire Circle

Campfire Circles

Campfire circles can be found at 4 locations in the woodlands and one opposite Weyside.  We recommend booking the main campfire circle between Go Wild and Pax Wey.

There is also small fire pit in Pax Wey.

Hike Fires

There are hike fire bases available in the woods to the right of Pyne Hut and another group in the woods behind Alders/Saffron field sites. You could also try out different types of fires and achieve some of the Skillsbuilders.

Dragons Teeth

WW2 Area

Did you know Herons Wey once formed part of a huge World War 2 defence line?  In the wooded area above Richard’s Hill you will find our very own set of ‘Dragons Teeth’; pyramid shaped anti-tank devices and a pill box.

The Swing

A firm favourite with all age groups the swing is located in the centre of the camping areas near Parlor field and Abbot John.  There is also a grassy area around it perfect for playing games.

Tyre Pass

Tyre Pass

A new addition to the games area, the tyre pass is adjacent the swing.

Herons Wey Shop

Why not plan a visit to the Herons Wey Shop, it has a host of pocket money toys and badges.  We do not sell sweets or drinks.

Usual opening time is Saturday 10:00am-12.00pm and can be added to your booking if you would like to request it.

Weyside Activities

If  you are staying in Weyside you will have exclusive access to these activities.

Pyramid Climbing Frame

Activity net

Weyside Grounds - Trampoline


Weyside Grounds - pond dipping pond

Pond dipping

If you are booking activities, please ensure you have read the corresponding instructions and risk assessment for each activity.  These can be downloaded from the Useful Information page